What is an event for?

We believe an event is a gift.

An opportunity to connect 'in real life' with likeminded people, share ideas, be vulnerable, be challenged, and build authentic long-lasting relationships.

This is why we created Nordic Next.

2019 marks our seventh year of organizing and curating the event. We are grateful that people keep coming back and that we continue to attract amazing new guests who add value by sharing their perspectives on investing, entrepreneurship, innovation, and driving positive change.


Who is it for? 

Nordic Next is for investors and entrepreneurs who are willing to generously share their ideas. Our guests will put forward theses that aren’t fully baked. They see the forum as a place to stress test views on markets, products, and processes.

People come to this event to be assertive yet vulnerable.
They recognize the value of feedback and are willing to give and receive it in a positive and productive manner.

Nordic Next is a tribe of infinite learners.
We get bored when we stop learning and use this as a compass to steer our time and attention. We enjoy imagining a world that does not yet exist.

We believe that success in business and in life is all about authentic relationships. People come to Nordic Next to build relationship capital by giving without expecting anything in return.

Nordic Next has a beautiful constraint.
We’re capped at 100 guests, so each person counts. 

We really hope you can join us and be one of them.
Welcome to Nordic Next 2019!